There’s no better way to relive your travel memories back home than by reminiscing over a beautiful bottle of wine from said location. Whether your next trip abroad is to Spain, Switzerland, or South Africa, you’ll more likely than not be yearning to bring some bottles back with you. We all know the anxiety of bringing bottles back home; the packing, the storing, the potential breakage… though rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Follow these packing tips for a hassle-free travel experience and bountiful break-free bottles.


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5 Reasons Why Great Wine Starts with Geography

Wine geography goes a lot farther than mapping your way to the nearest wine shop and navigating to the next bottle. You’ve probably heard that great wine begins in the vineyard; but if you step back and get a wider perspective, you’ll realize there are a lot of geographic influences on what makes a plot of land particularly special for making wine. When it comes to how geography influences wine, there’s no one rule that guarantees great wine; it’s more of a matter of connecting the dots – 5 dots to be exact: temperature, climate, elevation, soil type, and geopolitics.

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What Wines To Pair With Chocolate?

Wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities to each other. For one, they’re both considered aphrodisiacs and they both contain flavanols (antioxidants). Despite these striking similarities, it’s somewhat challenging to pair wine and chocolate together.

For example, if you taste a delicious glass of dry red wine alongside a hunk of dark chocolate, the wine will start to taste bitter and sour. The taste imbalance is coming from the heightened levels of flavanols (different types of tannin) found in both chocolate and wine that end up clashing against each other on your tongue.

Fortunately, there several wines that make great pairings with chocolate and they are amazing! Here are many wine and chocolate pairings–along with why they work–so you can experiment and create your own.

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Burger and Wine Pairings Done Right

Hamburgers are the headlining feature in American comfort food and wine has been collecting fans for thousands of years all over the globe – but can the two really stand side by side on a menu? Can a dainty glass of grape juice really edge out beer to sit beside a juicy burger? We think so. Some would argue that these two culinary classics are simply not in the same class: street food vs. sophistication. But if you believe that, you’re really not paying attention to how versatile these two products really are, so consider this:


a.) Wine is just spoiled grape juice.

b.) You can spend $36 for a burger (21 Club in New York) and it doesn’t even include cheese!

So, we thought it appropriate to put our wine pairing skills in action and come up with some great wine recommendations for 4 classic burgers recipes: plain, with cheddar, with mushrooms and swiss, and with barbecue bacon cheese.

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8 Wine Trends to Watch for in 2017

Everyone loves a good fortune teller and there’s no better predictor of what’s to come than two excellent researchers who have sifted through the data. We wanted to know: how are our behaviors as wine drinkers shaping the future of wine? To answer this question, we asked two individuals whose data-driven insights suggest that 2017 is going to introduce some exciting new trends to the world of wine.


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