It’s easy to taste wine as well as a professional wine taster. This article will give you the best tips to help guide and teach you how to taste wine, how to evaluate wine and how to remove all hints of oenophobia!

People have been tasting wine for thousands of years. People have been making money as wine tasters for more than 100 years. What do they know that you don’t? When it comes to tasting wine and understanding how to evaluate a wine for its qualities and note its faults, after reading this page, not much. Of course they will have a greater understanding on the history of the wine, the grape, the appellation the wine came from, as well as the chemistry behind things, but knowing those types of interesting information are not going to make you a better taster. Reading this page, and tasting wine again, and again are going to turn you into a better taster. For tips on tasting Bordeaux wine: How to Taste Bordeaux Wine

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