It doesn’t matter if we ride a bus or drive a Porsche, we all want good deals on great tasting wines. The only problem with this simple desire is that wine is a limited resource and it’s constantly changing, so it’s easy to get stuck in a wine-buying rut and become disappointed. So, the question is:

How does one adapt quickly to the ever-changing wine market?

Nothing Stays the Same Quote Poster Child Wine
Wine is the semi-ironic poster child of “nothing stays the same.”

We would, of course, recommend that you subscribe to Wine Folly and let us help you find out about where to look for wines and how to greater develop your palate. But honestly, if you’re a smart shopper, all you really need to know is: undervalued wine regions, undervalued grapes, and highly productive vintages are where to look for awesome wines at great values.

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