Winter keeps “hanging in there” here in Northeast Ohio, however for those of us in the wine industry, we really like to consider it Wineter. A great time to stay up on the latest and greatest things that are “wine” (or wine related) before the weather warms up and we continue to enjoy wine, but have more opportunity think warm and be out of doors or even spring cleaning.

Having just returned from the International Housewares Show in Chicago, there were a couple of things that I thought worth commenting on from different vantage points I observed surrounding wine.

1.Wine Buffs – I first mentioned these in my December article, however, I thought well worth mentioning again especially given the evident enhanced interest I observed from retailers who were scouring for products.

A custom blended microfiber towel for those who appreciate spotless glasses and loves wineries. Maps that show all local wineries. Currently Winebuff’s are made for France, Italy, Spain, Australia and a Napa/Sonoma combination (2 sided).

Winebuff’s are an awesome towel for anything that needs polishing in the kitchen and also great for computer screens and reading glasses as well. I always carry one in my backpack.

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2.Coravin 11 – Worth knowing about, although at $999 I have to say you need to look at it and be the judge. It was fun to watch it being explained and to be able to observe the functionalities (i.e. Bluetooth connection with pairing info and tracking for wines in your cellar), however, I felt it was like my being able to test drive a Maserati. Interested, but what if I damage it somehow? A lot of “nice to haves”. This will have its place and is meant for a certain market … unfortunately that market is not me. For preservation needs, you already have quality options.


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3.Wine Sitter – this was in the new innovative section of the show and refers to itself as a Stemware Stabilizer (keeps stem glassware from tipping over). Attractive piece. Not sure how much consumer need there is, but a conversation piece and at a planned retail price of $29.95 for two (not yet out), it is affordable as a wine gift item. Just be sure you give it to someone with stemware because it will not work with stemless.

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There were plenty of other wine related products being shown, especially full line glassware and variations of current type products (i.e. bottle stoppers, corkscrews), but this time around, I did not see or hear of more in the way of innovations relating to wine.
If you know or hear of anything new that you think everyone should be aware of, please feel free to email me at my email below. Questions always welcomed as well.

Gary Gottfried is a wine preservation specialist who consults on helping consumers enjoy and businesses sell more wine. He consults to the food and wine industry. Contact Gary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.