For Gary’s Gulps, the time is already here for my “Favorite Wine Tale Part 2” and in a Paul Harvey kind of way (for those of you who remember Paul Harvey) …. here is the “rest of the story”. By the way,I know this may come across a little boastful. lt is not intended to be. It is more about what I can happen in the wine world through simple unexpected happenings through establishing everyday friendship. I’d like to encourage each of you to open yourself up to what can happen.
A refresher, in the last wine tale, I mentioned how I met one of the great grandchildren of George and Fernande Latour and what an aid she was to open doors at some well known Napa wineries.
Well a friendship that started on a chance meeting continues to this day 6 years later. Since I annually attend the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in January and have for a number of years now, I try to make a visit to the various wine regions surrounding San Francisco while out there. In the early years, I’d go to Napa regularly only to learn to change it up for the experience (i.e. Livermore, Mendocino, Sonoma, Amador County, Paso Robles), however meeting Dagmar and Patrick made going back a must.For the wine .. for sure, but even more so for the remarkable history and experience that places everything in to context. Beaulieu Vineyards, constitutes over 130 acres in Rutherford right off the main drag of route 29 and right across from the BV Wine Tasting room and the very well recognized restaurant, The Rutherford Grill. I had the unique opportunity to be invited to stay on property (it is now under control of the family trust) and take it all in.

Extra special because they were gracious to include our son, Will, who was helping me at the Fancy Food Show. Thanks to their friendships, we got to experience several special visits at wineries including Inglenook, which is owned by Francis Ford Coppola and right next door to their property, and Raymond Vineyards which is a Jean Claude Boissett winery and one of the most entertaining wineries to visit.

Add to that being privy to seeing family photo’s with Julia Child and Henry Kissinger, to name a few, on property in them, really gives one a sense of the history and what it means if the proverbial “if the walls could talk” was to occur.

It is evident that meeting Dagmar and Patrick and watching them be interacting with friends, they are revered not for who they are but what they are … just darn good people. They are friends first and foremost and no matter whatever happens in life, that is what I hope is what they will always be.
An added footnote, given my food background and consulting business I am now involved 
with helping them with their seafood business, Wild Grill Foods (check it out at By the way, care to see the property yourself? Well it is possible through a third party rental program for weddings and events. I have thrown a few photographs. Enjoy your wine travels!
Ever have a desire to share a fun or interesting, wine experience or story? We all have our own wine tales.  I am fortunate to be able to do so thanks to Gary’s Gulps, but I’d more than welcome being able to share one of yours sometime. Simply drop me a note with your fun tale at my email address noted below.   
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