Graduations, weddings and hot weather all mean party time! Here are some great tips to help make your next event the one everyone remembers as the best summer bash of the year.

Basic questions to answer before you head out shopping:

How long the will the party last?

How many people will be drinking wine –vs- beer?

How many white wine, red wine drinkers?

What is the budget?

To give yourself some cushion calculate a drink per person per hour. There are approximately 60 glasses of wine in a case. However, keep in mind you will need a little more if people are self- served rather than bartender served.


Keep it simple sweetie! Consider limiting choices to one red, one white and one rosé. The more options you give the more unused or half used wine you will have left over. So, if you feel you must give choices make sure they are wines you won’t mind drinking.

Shop Small, Shop Local

You will want to make a visit to your local wine shop where you are sure to find a nice selection of crowd pleasing wines at price points that won’t break the bank. The beauty of shopping small and local is the wine buyers curate value priced selections of artisan wines not carried in big box stores. The last thing you want is your party goers to see the same cheap wine stacked high at the grocery store now proudly displayed at your and everyone else’s party this summer. How gauche! Plus, you now have the added bonus of being the one who sniffed out that cool, crisp, new white wine everyone is raving about. It can be your secret where you found it and how much it cost.

Screw It!

Whether you hire a bartender, handle in-house or go the self-serve route, make it easy on everyone and choose stelvin closures aka screw caps. A wide variety of beautiful, summer quaffable wines are available in screw cap. It’s ecological, quick and easy.

Pound it!

Porch pounders are what I affectionately call wines with stelvin closures that are light, crisp easy to drink and retail under $15. There are many great porch pounders on the market right now. Consider these fun, crowd pleasing bit different varietals for a change of pace: Pic Poul de Pinet or Gavi for whites and light bodied reds like Gamay, Barbera and Dolcetto which tase great with a slight chill.

Whether the wine glass is half full or half empty, always fill it with quality wine. Happy Sipping, Yolanda Albergottie, Wine Education Coordinator, Chuck’s Fines Wines, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

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